Lady Lazarus - All My Love In Half Light (LP)

Image of Lady Lazarus - All My Love In Half Light (LP)

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"7.8" -Pitchfork

"languid and surreal..." -NPR

“As Lady Lazarus, California dreamer Melissa Ann Sweat crafts intimate miniatures, mostly for solo voice and piano, and then slowly drowns them in oceans of reverb... It's impossible to decide whether the music is constantly changing or totally still, a strangely placid kind of tension that never fails to draw me in.” – Pitchfork

"Sweat has been delicately crafting dirges reminiscent of the evocative, female vocal-drive atmospherics Grouper." -

“Sweat introduces her aptitude for creating singular songs, soaring beyond what her previous work foreshadowed.” –Consequence Of Sound


1 Lapsarian
2 Goudunov
3 Wonder, Inc.
4 Eventide
5 Edge
6 Argosy
7 Constant Apples
8 Do Not Go Gentle
9 Gleam

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